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Deanna Linz

People's Choice Award

1.When you hear the saying "be the change" what comes to your mind first?
Walk the talk!!! Facilitate action that causes a reaction in a positive light and be a role model for others. I always say, be kind to yourself and one another. Kindness matters regardless of any one situation or any personal cause. Change happens when we start to see outside of what we may know or believe and have empathy and understanding and the willingness to learn about what we don’t.

2.How would you describe your husband?
One of the good one’s! There is a song by Gabby Barret that I sang for “The Voice.” It embodies my husband. The lyrics include “You’ll know him when you see him. By the way he looks at me. You'd say he hung the moon. I'd say he hung the galaxy.” My amazing husband, Father, and 17 years later, he makes my world better and complete.

3.If you could revisit one memory as a child in your mind, what would it be and why?
I lost my parents when they and I were young. I would and do treasure any memory especially the one’s around the holidays. My Mother was a beautiful singer, great cook and incredibly kind. My Dad could not sing a lick, never saw him cook but one of my greatest motivators. Holidays just were filled with so much love and a beautiful blending of the hope and dreams every child should have.

4.How would someone describe you when you were in high school?
NOT PROM QUEEN OR COURT!!! (Or even a close option) I was awkward, always the new kid, not cool but smart, and a believer in dreams. Being a believer led to driving from Florida to California at age 18, to attend the American Academy of Dramatic Arts after a random audition dare by myself.

5.If money did not matter.. what would you buy for your husband and why?
Tickets to EVERY sporting event in the US and abroad for him and ALL his friends and family. We love travel and sports fanatics. (We don’t always agree on teams 😊) Having lived abroad and stateside, we have embraced opportunities and sports just brings people together! We went to the World Series and Kentucky Derby this year and are excited for the football season to begin! Go Tampa Bay Buccaneers and Pittsburgh Steelers!!!

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