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Tauletha Chaffin

1.Tell us a funny story about a date night out with your husband.
What makes me try harder everyday are my children. As their mother, I am there to love and support them, but most importantly set an example for what they want to achieve, and hopefully surpass, in their lifetime.

2.What are the (2) most important things in your kitchen and why?
The perfect day for me would be taking a daytrip with my family to one of West Virginias beautiful tourist spots. We are lucky enough live in a state that experiences all four seasons, and at any time of the year, there is always a gorgeous adventure waiting.

3.What do people assume about you that isn’t true?
A few years ago, I made myself a promise to try to compliment at least one person a day. Although that may not be much, I believe that acknowledging someones beautiful blouse or gorgeous hair color may be exactly what that person needed at that moment.

4.Tell us a time you demonstrated leadership skills.
My most treasured item in my home is my Mamaw Smiths bible. She named me and in that Bible, you can see in the book of Mark, chapter 6, my name is underlined. It also includes lots of notes she made in the margins and that is almost like I can still have some little conversations with her. She passed away from kidney disease when I was only 7 months old.

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