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Melanie Thomas

People's Choice Award

1.Tell us why anyone would want come to your hometown?
The first day we took our boat out, we boated down to Tacoma. Right as we were under the Tacoma Narrows Bridge, the engine stopped. Our boat has two separate gas tanks and the first tank ran out of gas. After switching tanks, panic set in. Did we have enough gas to get us back? Through some tense moments, and a lot of laughter, we made it back safely with a funny story to share.

2.What are the (2) most important things in your closet and why?
Our digital calendar and our daughter. We have a digital calendar that we keep on our kitchen counter. Without this calendar, we would be lost. Our digital calendar has been a godsend. And our daughter Kelowna is quite inquisitive. Every time we are in the kitchen cooking/baking something, she always says “What are you doing, Mommy/Daddy?” She loves helping us make food and gets really excited seeing (and tasting) the final result.

3.What do you love to cook and why?
People often assume that I am a girly-girl. What most people don’t know about me is that I am really just a tom-boy at heart. Sports are still one of my biggest passions in life. I’m the girl who watches football, baseball, basketball, and hockey and “verbally corrects” the referees/umpires when they miss a pass interference call, or when they call a strike on ball four.

4.If you had an extra hour each day, what would you do?
I had the honor of leading the Washington State Delegation as State Captain for RESOLVE: The National Infertility Association’s Federal Infertility Advocacy Day. As State Captain in 2021 and 2023, I was responsible for organizing, supporting, and training the Washington State Delegation for our meetings with our State Senators and Members of Congress. Being State Captain has allowed me to flex my leadership skills and engage with infertility advocates from all across Washington.

5.Describe the dirtiest job you have ever had to do?
Despite doing two rounds of in vitro fertilizing (IVF) which required daily injectable medications, I have an inherent fear of needles. If I didn’t fear needles, I would get a tattoo. I think tattoos are extremely fascinating and I love learning about their personal significance. While I have never thought about the exact tattoo I would get, I know that it would be something symbolizing my struggle with infertility and eventual journey to motherhood.

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